About Me

Hi! I’m Dr. Karolina Achirri, or as people like to call me Dr. A:)
I love research, especially qualitative research that looks deep into people’s lives, thoughts and habits. That’s why I’m a fan of UX research, it can actually change people’s lives!

How do I approach research?

  • cross-functional collaboration > interdisciplinary approach
  • user-centric approach to any user-researcher interactions
  • users are my co-researchers in complete control of their stories
  • translate data into actionable insights for a variety of stakeholders
  • equally consider needs and desires of ALL stakeholders

What do I do?

I conduct impactful applied research in diverse industries, driving actionable insights for product enhancement. I develop and lead cross-functional teams through effective interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering innovation and achieving collective goals.
I am a proven innovator and self-motivated individual with a detail-oriented mindset, consistently delivering solutions in fast-paced work environments. My demonstrated analytical skills ensure
a comprehensive understanding of complex challenges and contributing to informed decision-making.
My proven ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality showcases my commitment
to delivering results. Finally, my exemplary intercultural communication skills help me adapt quickly to new and diverse cultures, establish trust, and become a valued advisor.

Karolina Achirri, Ph.D.